Class Act Limousines

Airport & Executive...

Travel and work in peace and quiet - door to door, or take the hassle out of holiday journeys by ensuring the comfort of a door to door service for 7 people...

Black Limo

Classic Volvo Limousine in gleaming black :
Smart, friendly Chauffeur
Your choice of music on board or peace and quiet
Door to door warmth and comfort


Airport pickup Travel

Rates & Reservations:

1 x Black Classic Volvo Limousine with classic seating for maximum 7 people plus Chauffeur. Includes all listed items.  

Airport drop and pick up at later date - £180

Executive one point pick up and travel to West Yorkshire Venue - outbound journey only - £125

Executive one point pick up and return travel to West Yorkshire Venue with wait time for up to 1.5 hours (E.g. for meeting)- £195

For other options, E.g. multi-person pickup from several homes and return journey, or for long-haul journeys within UK with pick up for return at later date, please call us with your requirements and we will be happy to supply a quotation.